Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Welcome to AG 2 Zoo!


Linden here! I'm your friendly neighborhood AG 2 Zoo spokesperson. Why? Because I said so. Oh, and because I volunteered. Big Person said that's because I'm too chatty for my own good, but I think she's just jealous. She's a writer, but she gets shy sometimes, so she clams up even though she's not too bad. But me? I never run out of things to say!

That's me! Sorry for the lousy picture quality. None of us have quite figured out how to work a camera yet.
(P.S. Big Person, you should learn!)

Anyway, so you're probably wondering what this blog's about. If I'd been reading this far on a blog and still didn't know, I'd be pretty confused! So....

AG 2 Zoo is the fun zone for a collection of dolls and stuffed animals that has been steadily growing for almost thirty years (Wow, that's old!). Anyway, we all have our own personalities and have gone on lots of adventures over the years, and so everybody has plenty of stories to tell. But until I came along, nobody was really brave enough to do it. And Big Person, who brought us all together, thought it would be weird if she wrote from her perspective.

I told Big Person she uses way too many fifty-cent words. I'm only ten, so "Perspective" is like a capital letter, super-big, not-kid-friendly word. But that's besides the point. The point is:

Here we are!

This is Beanie Mountain. This was taken a while ago. Thank goodness everyone's spread out since then!

These are some more inhabitants of the zoo. Again, it's less messy now, but Big Person
is under the weather and didn't want to sneeze on anybody while she was using the camera.

We're all ready to tell our stories, and bring you into our world. We hope you'll have lots of fun with us in the future. Enjoy the ride, and welcome to AG 2 Zoo!!!

Best Blogger Doll in the Room

P.S. More stories soon!
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P.P.P.S. Three P's is cooler than two. So there. :)
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